Les Levéees des Gens de guerre, les Habits, les Magazins, les Travaux, les Signes & les Combats n'militaires, les Armes de touts les nations, les Marches d'Armées, les Machines de guerre&c. - Les Chemins publics, les Aqueducs, & la Navigation.. 40 : 28,5 cm. Title with engraved vignette, 316 pages with 2 engraved vignettes, 130 (off 148) partly double-page engraved plates. Contemporary full calf on 6 raised bands, spine richly blind-stamped, with two tile-labels. Volume IV, part 1 and 2 in 1 volume.


Montfaucon' s landmark work on classical archaeology. B. de Montfaucon (1655-1741), Benedictine of the Congregation of Saint-Maur devoted to historical and ecclesiastical scholarship, is regarded as the father of Archaeology and Greek paleography. "His Antiquité? surveyed in fifteen volumes the social and artistic aspects of the ancient civilizations; and the unfinished Monuments de la Monarchie Française tried to do the same for early French history. These works can well be called foundation stones of scientific archaeology" (Printing and the Mind of Man p.175). As this work has never been completely replaced, it still conserves its long-standing value. This first edition is the best, and beautiful copies are not easy to come by (Brunet 28960). Text in french and latin. - This volumes contains War, Cars, Great Roads, Bridges, Aqueducts, Navigation.: The Levies of the Men of War, the Clothes, the Magazines, the Works, the Signs & the Military Combats, the Arms of all Nations, the Marches of Armies, the Machines of War etc. - Public Roads, Aqueducts, & Navigation. - Missing 18 plates 8,22,23,30,36,40,49,57,60,70,76,94,95,96,1013,114, 142 and 144.. The plates clean and in strong impressions. - Binding rubbed, joints partly cracked. - Besides this defects still a desireable work on ancient war, architecture, navigation at Greek and Romain times.