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Gutes Ex.; Einband gering fleckig. - Englisch. - INHALT : Editorial - SOEP 2010: The 9th International Socio-Economic Panel User Conference . ---- Family and Inequality ---- Leisure-related Opportunity Costs and the Transition to Motherhood - A Panel Analysis. By Oliver Arränz Becker and Daniel Lois. ---- Economic Consequences of Family Break-Ups. Income before and after Family Break-Ups of Women in Germany and the United States. By Anke Radenacker . ---- Biographical Consequences of Teenage Motherhood in Germany. By Sabine Keller ---- Disconnected Young Adults in Germany: Initial Evidence. By Friedhelm Pfeiffer and Rüben R. Seiberlich. ---- Intergenerational Transmission ---- Gifts, Bequests, and Social Inequality in West Germany. By Thomas Leopold and Thorsten Schneider. ---- Keeping it in the Family? If Parents Smoke Do Children Follow? By Dean R. Lillard ---- The Intergenerational Transmission of Economic Disadvantages and Social Exclu-sion - Constraints on Social Mobility. By Veronika V. Eberharter. ---- Labour Market Mobility ---- Destabilization and Destandardization: For Whom? The Development of West Ger-man Job Mobility since 1984. By Johannes Giesecke and Jan Paul Heisig. ---- The Introduction of a Short-Term Earnings-Related Parental Leave Benefit System and Differential Effects on Employment Intentions. By Annette Bergemann and Regina T. Riphahn . ---- Consequences of Job Mobility for the Subsequent Earnings at the Beginning of the Employment Career in Germany and the UK. By Paul Schmelzer . ---- Early Unemployment and Subsequent Career Complexity: A Sequence-Based Per-spective. By Anna Manzoni and Irma Mooi-Reci . ---- Income Inequality ---- Can Employment Changes Explain Rising Income Inequality in Germany? By Martin Biewen and Andos Juhasz . ---- (u.a.) ISBN 9783428137435