XII, 251 Seiten / p. 21,4 x 1,6 x 13,8 cm, Broschiert / Paperback.


Aus der Bibliothek von Prof. Wolfgang Haase, langjährigem Herausgeber der ANRW und des International Journal of the Classical Tradition (IJCT) / From the library of Prof. Wolfgang Haase, long-time editor of ANRW and the International Journal of the Classical Tradition (IJCT). - sehr guter Zustand / very good condition - The Pythagorean idea that number is the key to understanding reality inspired philosophers in the fourth and fifth centuries to develop theories in physics and metaphysics based on mathematical models. These theories were to become influential in medieval and early modern philosophy, yet, until now, they have not received the serious attention they desene. This book marks a breakthrough in our understanding of the subject by examining two themes in conjunction for the first time: the figure of Pythagoras as interpreted by the Neoplatonist philosophers of the period, and the use of mathematical ideas in physics and metaphysics. ISBN 9780198239130