368 p. Softcover.


Einband leicht berieben, Bleistiftvermerk auf Schmutztitel, sonst sehr guter Zustand / Binding lightly worn, annotation in pencil on dirt cover, otherwise in very good condition. - CONTENTS 1 Edmund r. leach, Genesis as Myth 2 Claude levi-strauss, Four Winnebago Myths: A Struc tural Sketch 3 Kenelm o. L. burridge, Social Implications of Some Tangu Myths 4 JOHN Middleton, Some Social Aspects of Lugbara Myth 5 sally falk moore, Descent and Symbolic Filiation 6 edmund R. leach, Magical Hair 7 e. e. evans-pritchard, The Nuer Concept of Spirit in its Relation to the Social Order 8 e. e. evans-pritchard, A Problem of Nuer Religious Thought 9 monica wilson, Nyakyusa Ritual and Symbolism 10 louis c. faron, Symbolic Values and the Integration of Society among the Mapuche of Chile 11 k. e. read, Morality and the Concept of the Person among the Gahuku-Gama 12 mary douglas, Animals in Lele Religious Thought 13 victor w. turner, Themes in the Symbolism of Ndembu Hunting Ritual 14 rodney needham, Blood, Thunder, and Mockery of Animals 15 thomas o. beidelman, Hyena and Rabbit 16 david f. pocock, The Anthropology of Time-Reckoning 17 Paul Bohannan, Concepts of Time among the Tiv of Nigeria 18 James Littlejohn, The Temne House.