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Gutes Ex.; Umschl. berieben u. m. kl. Läsuren; Vorsatz mit Besitzerstempel (James Hofmaier); leichte Gebrauchsspuren. - Englisch. - Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa (* 24. November 1864 in Albi; ? 9. September 1901 auf Schloss Malromé, Gironde) war ein französischer Maler und Grafiker des Post-Impressionismus im ausgehenden 19. Jahrhundert. Berühmt wurde er insbesondere für seine Plakate, die er unter anderem für das Pariser Varieté Moulin Rouge am Montmartre entwarf. ... (wiki) // These 273 letters, collected over the last twelve years by Lucien Goldschmidt and Herbert Schimmel, illuminate a hitherto little-known side of Lautrec's personality-his close relationship with his family. The letters span his life from 1871, when he was six and a half, to a few months before his death in 1901 and the picture thus revealed is far from the conventional idea of Lautrec, the alcoholic and degenerate, if artistically genial, cripple. The earliest letters send New Year's and Name-day greetings to his godmother, grandmother and relatives, but are no mere expressions of formal good wishes-they bubble with boyish high spirits and are frequently illustrated with lively sketches. His early studies as an art student in Paris are vividly described, and his growing popularity as an illustrator and a graphic designer emerges. He tells of his visits to the art world in London and Brussels, of his holidays at Taussat and in Spain and of his fishing expeditions. Through all the letters flows a stream of tender concern for his mother's health and the well-being of his family. Indeed his close family ties are apparent right up to his premature death. The 3 5 letters by his mother's maid, Berthe Sarrazin, who looked after him just before he was interned throw a completely new light on his illness and clarify a certain number of obscure points as to his alleged orgies and Bohemian life. As Lautrec often wrote in a very personal style, peppered with Gascon phrases and even words of his own invention, the transcriptions of the original letters has been included in this edition. The learned Introduction and Notes place these letters in their context and clarify the somewhat obscure references to people, places and events. A complete chronological table and the most up-to-date genealogical chart help the reader through the complexities of Lautrec's Family ? (Verlagstext) // INHALT : Acknowledgments ----- Introduction ----- THE CORRESPONDENCE ----- APPENDIXES I-III ----- TRANSCRIPTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL LETTERS ----- Bibliography ----- Genealogical Chart ----- Chronology ----- List of Illustrations ----- Index. ISBN 0714813893