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Gutes Ex.; Umschlag gering berieben. - Englisch. - This volume introduces a new era for the techniques of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. The bipersonal field concept establishes the patient at one polarity of the field and the therapist at the other, and views them as interacting along an interface within the frame of the field. Dr. Langs meticulously examines the contributions of both participants, investigating their influence on the therapeutic potential of the field and on the nature and meaning of their own interaction. This book is based on the transcription of five detailed case presentations made to Dr. Langs in a seminar on the technique of psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In his running commentary, Dr. Langs finds ample opportunity to demonstrate the pathology placed into the field by the participants, as well as their respective conscious and unconscious curative endeavors. He brings many new and important perspectives to the therapeutic process. ... (Verlagstext) // INHALT : ... The Patient's Attempt to Resolve the Interactional Pathology of the Bipersonal Field --- Psycho-therapeutic Techniques Related to Dreams --- The Comprehension of the Latent Content of a Dream --- Dreams as Reflections of Unconscious Fantasy and Unconscious Perception --- The Functions of Dreams Within the Bipersonal Field --- A PATIENT'S ATTEMPT TO CURE HER THERAPIST-AND HERSELF The Therapist's Incomplete Interpretations --- Their Intrapsychic and Interactional Implications --- The Intrapsychic and Interactional Consequences of an Ongoing Unrepaired Frame --- Sectors of Therapeutic Misalliance and the Development of a Misalliance Cure --- The Therapist as a Pathological Container for the Patient's Contents --- Communicated Memories --- Their Relationship to Unconscious Fantasies and Unconscious Perceptions --- A Shift in the Bipersonal Field Toward the Patient's Intrapsychic Conflicts --- The Patient's Efforts to Projectively Identify into the Therapist --- A MAJOR INTERACTIONAL SYNDROME Interactional Symptoms and Resistances --- The Therapist's Interventions as Products of the Bipersonal Field --- Attempts to Resolve a Misalliance --- The Therapist's Attempts to Drive the Patient Crazy --- The Adaptive and Maladaptive Aspects of the Therapist's Containing Functions --- Psycho-somatic Symptoms and Containing Functions --- (u.v.a.) ISBN 0876682468