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Gutes Ex. - Englisch. - In this detailed examination of the way that borderline patients use hope as a means of preventing change and sustaining omnipotence, Anna Potamianou draws on her many years of practical experience, as well as myth and literature, to put forward new ways of understanding narcissistic and borderline pathology. Showing how her ideas are linked to the theories of analysts such as Kohut, Kernberg and Winnicott, she convincingly demonstrates through clinical examples how the analysts technique can be illuminated and extended in treating the borderline patient. (Verlagstext) / INHALT : Hope as a binding cathexis --- As exemplified in the Pandora myth --- As exemplified in a patient's progress --- Clinical and metapsychological background On cathexes --- Delimiting cathexes and cathexes of limits Cathexes and decathexes in borderline states --- Hope --- Dynamic and economic aspects --- One day . . . --- It'll all be better tomorrow --- Hopeful waiting in borderline states --- Raising of shields --- A token of resistance --- Safeguarding masochism --- A cathexis that becomes an object --- Even God needs a mother De-formation, de-shaping, dis-sociation Tracing a path --- Notes --- Selected bibliography --- Index. ISBN 0415121779