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Gutes Ex.; Umschl. berieben u. mit kl. Läsuren; innen leider einige Anstreichungen. - Englisch. - This book is the long awaited, definitive, clinical work on the subject of homosexuality. It is a comprehensive compendium of the accumulated psychoanalytic knowledge on this important problem. The reader will find a most careful and practical presentation of the author's most extensive clinical experience and observations. In all it provides a broad, but definitive conceptualization of every important aspect of this subject including the origins of homosexuality, the mechanisms involved in its development, and the procedures most effective in its treatment. "Homosexuality is a monumental achievement of psychoanalytic, theoretical, and clinical research. It represents twenty years of study and devotion to unlocking the mysteries of causation and posing and solving many of the multiple problems regarding the theory and treatment of this serious disorder which has long been considered, like the narcisisstic neuroses and borderline conditions, resistant to therapeutic efforts. This volume provides us with the sum total of our previous knowledge of homosexuality as well as the furthest advances in the direction of its understanding, therapy, and ultimate prophylaxis. Clinicians and patients alike will owe a profound debt of gratitute to Socarides for many years to come." (Verlagstext) // INHALT : ... Oedipal versus Preoedipal Factors in Causation ---- Psychopathology in Preoedipal Homosexuality ---- Recapitulation ---- Classification of Homosexuality ---- The Preoedipal Form ---- The Oedipal Form ---- The Situational Form ---- The Variation-al Form ---- The Latent Form ---- Basic Concepts: ---- Male Homosexuality ---- The Role of Infantile Sexuality ---- Developmental Factors ---- Superego Factors ---- Basic Concepts: Female Homosexuality ---- Survey of Developmental Factors ---- The Presenting Clinical Picture ---- Psychodynamics ---- Clinical Groups ---- Specific Mechanisms ---- (The Mechanism of Identification ---- The Projective Mechanism ---- The Erotization of Aggression and Anxiety ---- The Hanns Sachs Mechanism ---- The Breast-Penis Equation ---- Psychic Masochism ---- Psychic Masochism ---- The Imperativeness of Impulse and Homosexual Acting-Out ---- Ego-Syntonicity ---- The Disturbance of Gender Role Formation ---- Homosexuality During Adolescence ---- (Indicators for Therapeutic Intervention ---- (u.v.a.) ISBN 0876683553