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Gutes Ex. - Englisch. - Covering all periods from Ancient Greece to the present day, this richly illustrated history of medicine offers information and insight on a wide variety of topics. Authoritatively and accessibly written by a team of twenty distinguished medical historians and including a helpful glossary, a chronology, and a full index, this is a fascinating introduction to medicine in the West from its beginnings to the present day. ... (Verlagstext) / INHALT : Medicine in View: Art and Visual Representation Martin Kemp ---- From the Hippocratic Corpus to Twentieth-Century Medicine ---- Medicine in the Classical World ---- James Longrigg ---- Europe and Islam ---- Etnilie Savage-Smith ---- Medicine in the Latin Middle Ages ---- Michael R. McVaugh ---- Medicine and the Renaissance ---- Katharine Park ---- From the Scientific Revolution to the Germ Theory ---- Harold Cook ---- From the Germ Theory to 1945 ---- E M. Tansey ---- Medicine in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century ---- Stephen Lock ---- Medicine in Context ---- The Growth of Medical Education and the Medical Profession ---- Lisa Rosner ---- The Rise of the Modern Hospital ---- Ulrich Trohler and Cay-Rüdiger Prüll ---- Epidemics and the Geography of Disease ---- Mary Dobson ---- Nurses and Ancillaries in the Christian Era ---- Anne Summers ---- Childbirth ---- Irvine Loudon ---- (u.a.m.) ISBN 0199248133