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Sehr gutes Ex. - ISSN 1363-4607. - Englisch. - INHALT : EDITORIAL ---- Ken Plummer ---- ARTICLES ---- Steven Seidman, Chet Meeks and Francie Traschen Beyond thc Closet? The Changing Social Meaning of Homosexuality in the United States ---- THEMED ARTICLES: THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF SEXUAL MEANINGS ---- Nicola Gavey, Kathryn McPhülips and Virginia Braun Interruptus Coitus: Heterosexuals Accounting for Intercourse ---- Lynne Hillier, Lyn Harrison and Kate Bowditch 'Neverending Love' and 'Blowing Your Load': The Meanings of Sex to Rural Youth ---- Kafael M. Diaz Trips to Fantasy Island: Contexts of Risky Sex for San Francisco Gay Men ---- SPECIAL FEATURE ---- John H. Gagnon and William Simon's Sexual Conduct: The Social Sources of Human Sexuality. A 25th Anniversary Retrospectivc by the Authors ---- Beth E. Schneider and Peter M. Nardi Introduction ---- John H. Gagnon Sexual Conduct: As Today's Memory Serves ---- William Simon Sexual Conduct in Retrospective Perspective ---- (u.a.)