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Sehr gutes Ex. - Englisch. - From the 1880s and continuing into the first decades of the twentieth century, drawing became the perfect laboratory for avant-garde experimentation. Emboldened by radically changing social, cultural, and economic conditions, artists introduced new media and subject matter while inventing a host of new techniques. Drawing from the Modern, 1880-1945, the first in a three-volume series surveying 125 years of modern drawing, traces these groundbreaking innovations through The Museum of Modern Art's preeminent collection of works on paper. Volume 2 will examine developments after World War II, from 1945 to 1975, focusing in particular on the fundamental role of abstraction. Volume 3 will showcase works from 1975 to the present, a time in which many artists have turned to drawing as a primary form of expression. Some of the most iconic artists of the modern period have used drawing to challenge accepted notions of art-making: from the defiance of traditional conceptions of space, form, and structure in works by Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Joan Mird to the eruption of non-art materials and found ephemera in the collages and montages of Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch, and Kurt Schwitters; from the rejection of the figure in the abstractions of Kazimir Malevich, Aleksandr Rodchenko, and El Lissitzky to the embrace of randomness in Jean Arp's and Andre Masson's games of chance. Highlighting these and other strategies, Drawing from the Modern, 1880-1945 presents a vivid view of the artist at work and the very shaping of modernism. (Verlagstext) / INHALT : Foreword ---- Glenn D. Lowry ---- Preface ---- Gary Garrels ---- Drawing from the Modern: Imagination without Strings ---- Jod Hauptman ---- With short texts by Miriam Basilio, Jodi Hauptman, Jordan Kantor, Tricia Y. Paik, Luis Enrique Perez-Oramas, and Francesca Pietropaolo ---- Plates ---- Checklist ---- Selected Bibliography-Compiled by Tricia Y. Paik ---- Trustees of The Museum of Modern Art. ISBN 0870706632