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Gutes Ex.; Einband stw. minimal berieben. - Englisch. - ISSN 0004-0002. - INHALT : Homosexuality, Birth Order, and Evolution: Toward an Equilibrium ---- Reproductive Economics of Homosexuality Edward M. Miller ---- The Evolution of Sex Differences in Language, Sexuality, and ---- Visual-Spatial Skills R. Joseph ---- Sexual Partner Age Preferences of Homosexual and Heterosexual ---- Men and Women Zebulon A. Silverthorne and Vernon L. Quinsey ---- Can Self-Reported Drug Use Data Be Used to Assess Sex Risk ---- Behavior in Adolescents? Joseph S. Wislar and Michael Fendrich ---- Correlates of Heterosexual Behavior Among 23-87 Year Olds in ---- Denmark and Sweden, 1992-1998 Ane Bonnerup Jceger, Anne Gramkow, Per S0rensen, Mads Melbye, Hans-Olov Adami, Bengt Glimelius, and Morten Frisch ---- BOOK REVIEWS LETTER TO THE EDITOR ---- ANNOUNCEMENTS ---- Table of Contents for Archives of Sexual Behavior, Volume 29, Number 2, April 2000.