4°, circa 22,5 x 16,5 cm., 4 ff., 143, 39 pp., with engraved vignette to title. Contemporary vellum Palau 346083; Toda y Güell 5119 (both seem to have an incomplete copy?). Only edition of this interesting treatise about reasons which can prevent a marriage from being legal under canon law, the main point being that explicit and vocal consent is indispensable. The author, a legal scholar at the Curia in Rome, originally from a Spanish family, insists that tacit cooperation in a ceremony would not be enough. Several chapters deal with clandestine marriages and liabilities of priests who consent to take part in these. Strangely the first eight pages deal among other things with cosmetics and give classic examples of eminent men (including Aristoteles) who were interested in aesthetic pharmaceutics. Possibly the frist 34 points were independent theses the author had to defend before turning to his main subject of marriage law.


- Only minor browning, mostly clean, binding somewhat dusty and bent, but altogether nice.