8°, circa 15,6 x 10,8 cm., XVI, 70 pp. Contemporary polished calf with richly gilded spine Cf. Sabin 80054 and Chadenat 3649 "ouvrage très curieux relatif aux origines de la guerre du Canada". - French translation of the fourth pamphlet by John Shebbeare published the same year under the title "Letter to the People of England" and dealing with the reaction of the English ministers to the French and Indian War especially about the territory of Ohio up to the taking of Minorca by the French. Shebbeare published altogether seven letters, after which he was tried for libel and imprisoned. - BOUND WITH: 2. Etat politique actuel D'Angleterre, Ou Lettres interessantes sur divers importans sujets, avec une Reponse à l'Auteur du Peuple Instruit. Ouvrage traduit de L'Anglois. No place, 1757. Title, 80 pp. Rare collection of letters about Anglo-French relations during the differences concerning the colonies of British America and those of New France. Online libraries attibute the work to Edme Jacques Genet (1726-1781) but that could be a misunderstanding due to his series of nine volumes published in the same year with a very similar title. The letters here are all supposedly written from London in december 1756. The first deals with claims by John Shebbeare in the French edition of "Le Peuple Instruit", the second with the role of the British ministers, the third with the militias in America and the fourth with Admiral Byng (John Byng; 1704-1757) who was court-martialled and sentenced to death after the unsuccessful Battle of Minorca. - The anonymous author quotes several British documents and seems well informed about the political scene. This second work appears to be quite rare.


- Nice, only minor browning, mostly clean, pretty binding.