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Einband papierbedingt gebräunt, etwas fleckig, Bleistiftanstr. nur im ersten Artikel. - Contents: Symposium on Training -- BRIAN BIRD: On candidate selection and its relation to analysis -- PAULA HEIMANN: The evaluation of applicants for psychoanalytic training -- KENNETH T. CALDER How psychoanalytic institutes evaluate applicants' replies to a questionnaire -- HEINZ KOHUT: The evaluation of applicants for psychoanalytic training -- Papers -- I. TOLENTINO and G. c. ZAPPAROLI: The psychoanalytic vocation and the implications of the training analyst's countertransference on selection of candidates -- L. CHERTOK: The discovery of the transference -- HERMAN M. SEROTA Discussion of Chertok's paper A. LIMENTANI: On drug dependence: clinical appraisals of the predicaments of habituation and addiction to drugs -- D.w. WINNICOTT: Playing: its theoretical Status in the clinical Situation -- OTTO KERNBERG: The treatment of patients with borderline personality Organization -- FREDERICK KURTH and ANDREW PATTERSON: Structuring aspects of the penis -- PETER G. THOMSON: Vicissitudes of the transference in a male homosexual -- ANITA I. BELL: Additional aspects of passivity and feminine identification in the male -- ARNO GRUEN: Autonomy and identification: the paradox of their Opposition -- GARDNER LINDZEY: Psychoanalytic theory: paths of change -- DANIEL s. JAFFE: The mechanism of projection: its dual role in object relations -- DENIS O'BRIEN: Psychoanalytic method and the concept of repression -- MELITTA SPERLING: Trichotillomania, trichophagy, and cyclic vomiting -- R. E. MONEY-KYRLE: Cognitive development -- w. w. MEISSNER: Notes on dreaming: dreaming as a cognitive process -- HAROLD STEWART: Levels of experience of thinking -- CHARLOTTE BALKÄNYI Language, verbalization and superego; some thoughts on the development of the sense of rules -- ERNEST A. RAPPAPORT: Beyond traumatic neurosis -- ROY M. WHITMAN and JAMES ALEXANDER: On gloating -- Book Reviews -- GUSTAV BYCHOWSKI Freud: Political and Social Thought by Paul Roazen -- E.STENGEL: On Suicide edited by Paul Friedman -- w. M. MCINTYRE: Psychodynamic Studies of Aging, Creativity, Reminiscing and Dying edited by Sidney Levin -- L. VESZY-WAGNER: La psychoanalyse d'aujourd'hui edited by S. Nacht.