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Einband leicht berieben. Eine Farbmarkierung. - Treating Patients with Conversion Disorders. A Theoretical View with Practical Approaches. Peter B. Bloom -- Trauma Prevention: Hypnoidal Techniques with the Chronically III Child. Julie H. Linden -- Preparation of Patients for Stressful Medical Interventions. Some very simple approaches. Christel J. Bejenke -- Marie - A Swedish Case of Apparent Anxiety Disorder, Showing up to be a PTSD and DID (NOS), as Uncovered by Hypnosis. Susanna Carolusson -- Dissociative Identity Disorder: Perspectives on Recent Findings and Current Controversies. Richard P. Kluft -- The Healing Dream. The Therapeutic Use of Dreams in Hypnosis. Giuseppe De Benedittis -- When Erickson meets Freud: The Therapist Trance and Countertransference as Resources for the Hypnotherapist. Shaul Livnay -- Hypnotism and the Eternal Return: The Case of Ideomotor Signaling. Andre M. Weitzenhoffer -- The Creative Process in Naturalistic Ultradian Hypnotherapy. Ernest Lawrence Rossi -- Capitalizing on Concepts in Hypnotherapy. The Theory of Ecosystemic Practice. David P. Fourie -- Psychodynamic Interactions in Overt and Covert Ego-States. John G. Watkins and Helen H. Watkins -- Hypnosis and the Evolution of Behavior Therapy Joseph Wolpe -- Hypnosis without Hypnosis: Fact or Fiction ? Or the Relation of Hypnotism to Strategic Therapy. Andre M. Weitzenhoffer -- Effects of Subliminal Suggestions on Task Performance. Frank Metzner and Dirk Revenstorf -- Normal Instruction or Hypnotic Suggestion: What makes the Difference? Burkhard Peter -- Differences between Direct and Indirect Hypnotic Techniques, Csaba Szabó -- Hypnosis - a State or a Relationship? Jerzy W. Aleksandrowicz -- Maintaining Standards in Hypnosis Training -The Need for Patient Protection: The Australian Experience. Robb O. Stanley and Graham D. Burrows -- A River runs through it: The Relational Self in Psychotherapy. Stephen Gilligan.