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Gutes Exemplar; Seiten leicht gebräunt. - Englisch. // INHALT : Preface by Arnold Paucker. -- I. EMANCIPATION -- REINHARD-RORUP: The Tortuous and Thorny Path to Legal Equality - -- "Jew Laws" and Emancipatory Legislation in Germany from the Late -- Eighteenth Century ROBERT LIBERLES: (1) Was There a Jewish Movement for Emancipation in Germany? -- (2) Emancipation and the Structure of the Jewish -- Community in the Nineteenth Century. -- II. FROM IMPERIAL GERMANY TO NAZI RULE -- HENRY WASSERMANN: Jews in Jugendstil - The Simplicissimus, -- 1896-1914. -- MARK H. GELBER: The jungjüdische Bewegung - An Unexplored -- Chapter in German-Jewish Literary and Cultural History EVYATAR FRIESEL: The Political and Ideological Development of the -- Centralverein before 1914 DAVID ENGEL: Patriotism as a Shield - The Liberal Jewish Defence -- against Antisemitism in Germany during the First World War JEHUDA REINHARZ: Hashomer Hazair in Germany (I) - 1928-1933 FRANCIS R. NICOSIA: Revisionist Zionism in Germany (I) - Richard -- Lichtheim and the Landesverband der Zionisten-Revisionisten in -- Deutschland, 1926-1933. -- JACOB BOAS: The Shrinking World of German Jewry, 1933-1938 FRIEDRICH S. BRODNITZ: Memories of the Reichsvertretung - A Personal -- Report -- III. JUDAISM JEWISH THOUGHT - THE ARTS -- ISMAR SCHORSCH: The Production of a Classic: Zunz as Krochmal's -- Editor WILLIAM KLUBACK: Friendship without Communication - Wilhelm -- Herrmann and Hermann Cohen JUDITH MARCUS AND ZOLTAN TAR: The Judaic Element in the Teachings of the Frankfurt School // (u.a.) ISBN 0436255456