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Gutes Exemplar. - Englisch. // INHALT : Preface by John Grenville and Julius Carlebach - I. INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY IN THE AGE OF EMANCIPATION - ELISABETH KRAUS: Marcus Mosse. A Jew in the Prussian Province of Posen, 1808-1865. - LISA HARRIES-SGHUMANN: Orthodoxy and Reform, Revolution and Reaction. The Jewish Community in Ichenhausen 1813-1861. - II. YIDDISH STUDIES IN THE WILHELMINIAN AND WEIMAR YEARS - DAVID A. BRENNER: Making Jargon respectable. Leo Winz, Ost und West and the Jewish Reception of Yiddish Theatre in Pre-Hitler Germany - DELPHINE BECHTEL: Cultural Transfers between Ostjuden and Westjuden. German-Jewish Intellectuals and Yiddish Culture 1897-1930. - GLENN S. LEVINE: Yiddish Publishing in Berlin and the Crisis in Eastern European Jewish Culture 1919-1924. - III. SELF-DEFENCE AND GERMAN-JEWISH IDENTITIES - MICHAEL BERKOWITZ: Zion's Cities. Projections of Urbanism and German-Jewish Identity 1909-1933. - FRANCIS R. NICOSIA: Resistance and Self-Defence. Zionism and Anti-semitism in Inter-War Germany. - MARJORIE LAMBERTI: Jewish Defence in Germany after the Nazi Seizure of Power. - DONALD L. NIEWYK: Self-Defence and German-Jewish Identities. Comments on the papers by Michael Berkowitz, Francis R. Nicosia and Marjorie Lamberti. - IV. PERSECUTION AND EXILE DURING THE NATIONAL-SOCIALIST REGIME - FRED GRUBEL & FRANK MECKLENBURG: Leipzig: Profile of a Jewish Community during the First Years of National-Socialist Germany. - JEHUDA RIEMER: Common Bonds, Different Fates. Extracts from the Correspondence of Georg Bernhard and Fritz Naphtali 1933-1937. - WILFRIED WEINKE: The Persecution of Jewish Lawyers in Hamburg. A Case Study: Max Eichholz and Herbert Michaelis. - SONJA WEGNER: German-speaking Emigrants in Uruguay 1933-1945. - V. CONTINUITY AND NEW BEGINNINGS IN THE POST-WAR PERIOD - JULIUS CARLEBACH & ANDREAS BRAMER: Continuity or New Beginning? Isaac Emil Lichtigfeld, Rabbi in Frankfurt am Main and Hesse 1954-1967. - MARGARETE L. MYERS: Jewish Displaced Persons. Reconstructing Individual and Community in the US Zone of Occupied Germany - VI. MEMOIRS - ARNO HERZBERG: A Town in Eastern Germany. The Story of Filehne - A Memoir. - HENRY J. KELLERMANN: Settling Accounts - The Nuremberg Trial. - VII. BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR 1996. - VIII. LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS. - IX. INDEX. - Illustrations - The Ark from Filehne. - Marcus Mosse. - Zionism 1909-1933. - The Bruhl, Leipzig. - La Voz del Dia. ISBN 0436204649