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Gutes Exemplar. - Englisch. // INHALT : Preface by John Grenville and Julius Carlebach - I. IDENTITY AND EMANCIPATION - HEIDI THOMANN TEWARSON: German-Jewish Identity in the Correspondence between Rahel Levin Varnhagen and her Brother, Ludwig Robert. Hopes and Realities of Emancipation 1780-1830 - ANITA BUNYAN: Rhenish Liberalism and the Jewish Question in the Vormarz. The Case of the Kolnische Zeitung 1841-1847 - ASTRID STARCK: A Nineteenth-Century Yiddish Newspaper. "Israels Stimme: hakol kol yaakov" - KEITH H. PICKUS: Jewish University Students in Germany and the Construction of a Post-Emancipatory Jewish Identity. The Model of the Freie Wissenschaftliche Vereinigung - GAVRIEL D. ROSENFELD: Defining "Jewish Art" in Ost und West, 1901- 1908. A Study in the Nationalisation of Jewish Culture - II. SOME JEWISH RESPONSES TO NATIONAL SOCIALISM - YEHOYAKIM COCHAVI: Liberals and Zionists on the Eve of the National-Socialist Seizure of Power - DAVID N. MYERS: Eugen Taubler - The Personification of "Judaism as Tragic Existence" - III. JEWS IN WELFARE - SABINE KNAPPE: The Role of Women's Associations in the Jewish Community. The Example of the Israelitisch-humanitarer Frauenverein in Hamburg at the Turn of the Century - CHRISTIANE EIFERT: The Forgotten Members of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt. Jews in the Social Democratic Welfare Association - IV. GENDER AND HISTORY - KATHARINA VON KELLENBACH: "God Does Not Oppress Any Human Being". The Life and Thought of Rabbi Regina Jonas - ANDREAS LIXL-PURCELL: Memoirs as History - KATHERINE MORRIS: Balkan Exile. The Autobiography of Irene Gruen-baum - V. EMIGRATION - ROCHELLE G. SAIDEL & GUILHERME ARY PLONSKI: Shaping Modern Science and Technology in Brazil. The Contribution of Refugees from National Socialism after 1933 - NEIMA BARZEL: The Attitude of Jews of German Origin in Israel to Germany and Germans after the Holocaust, 1945-1952 - VI. MEMOIR - HENRY J. KELLERMANN: From Imperial to National-Socialist Germany. Recollections of a German-Jewish Youth Leader - VII. BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR 1993 - VIII. LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS - Illustrations - Scholem, Buber, Dinur and Simon Rahel Varnhagen; Ludwig Robert Jewish art Jewish welfare - Mitteilungsblatt advertisements Bund Jüdischer Jugend. ISBN 0436202417