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Gutes Exemplar. - Englisch. // INHALT : Preface by John Grenville and Julius Carlebach - I. GERMAN JEWS IN THE ERA OF EMANCIPATION - MARC SAPERSTEIN: War and Patriotism in Sermons to Central European - Jews: 1756-1815. - FRANZ LEVI: The Jews of Sachsen-Meiningen and the Edict of 1811 CHRISTOPHER CLARK: Missionary Politics. Protestant Missions to the Jews in Nineteenth-Century Prussia DEREK J. PENSLAR: Philanthropy, the "Social Question" and Jewish - Identity in Imperial Germany JOHN M. EFRON: Scientific Racism and the Mystique of Sephardic Racial - Superiority - II. AUSTRIA, THE "JEWISH QUESTION" AND PERSECUTION - HELMUT GRUBER: Red Vienna and the "Jewish Question" MICHAEL GEHLER: Murder on Command. The Anti-Jewish Pogrom in Innsbruck, 9th-10th November 1938. - III. THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST YEARS: DIFFERENT ASPECTS - RIVKA ELKIN: The Survival of the Jewish Hospital in Berlin 1938-1945 - LEONIDAS E. HILL: Walter Gyssling, the Centralverein and the Büro - Wilhelmstraße, 1929-1933. - ALAN E. STEINWEIS: Hans Hinkel and German Jewry, 1933-1941. - ANDREW CHANDLER: A Question of Fundamental Principles. The Church - of England and the Jews of Germany 1933-1937. - HANS SODE-MADSEN: The Perfect Deception. The Danish Jews and - Theresienstadt 1940-1945. - IV. DISPLACED PERSONS AND EMIGRANTS - RONALD WEBSTER: American Relief and Jews in Germany, 1945-1960. - Diverging Perspectives - YOAV GELBER: The Historical Role of the Central European Immigration - to Israel.- V. SOURCES ON JEWISH HISTORY - JOSEPH M. DAVIS: The Cultural and Intellectual History of Ashkenazic Jews 1500-1750. A Selective Bibliography and Essay - ELISABETH BRACHMANN-TEUBNER: Sources for the History of the Jews from the Eighteenth Century to the Twentieth Century in the Archives of the Former DDR. - BRUCE F. PAULEY: Bibliographical Essay: Recent Publications and Primary Sources on Austrian Antisemitism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries. - VI. BIBLIOGRAPHY - VII. LIST OF CONTRIBUTORS - VIII. INDEX. - Illustrations - Founding of the Centralverein - Edict of 1811. - Innsbruck - Jewish Hospital Berlin - Jiidischer Kulturbund - Theresienstadt - Fohrenwald DP Camp. ISBN 0436255529