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Gutes Exemplar. - Englisch. // INHALT : Preface by John Grenville and Julius Carlebach -- I GERMAN AND AUSTRIAN JEWS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST NATIONAL-SOCIALIST GERMANY -- ARNOLD PAUCKER: Resistance of German and Austrian Jews to the Nazi Regime, 1933-1945 -- JOHN P Fox: German- and Austrian-Jewish Volunteers in Britain's Armed Forces, 1939-1945 -- GUY STERN: The Jewish Exiles in the Service of US Intelligence The Post-War Years -- II JEWISH CONVERSION FROM THE SEVENTEENTH TO THE NINETEENTH CENTURY -- ELISHEVA CARLEBACH: Converts and their Narratives in Early Modern -- Germany The Case of Friedrich Albrecht Christiani DEBORAH HERTZ: Why Did the Christian Gentleman Assault thejiidischer -- Elegant? Four Conversion Stories from Berlin, 1816-1825 ALAN LEVENSON: The Conversionary Impulse in Fin de Siecle Germany TODD M ENDELMAN: Leaving the Jewish Fold in Germany Comments -- on the Papers of Elisheva Carlebach, Deborah Hertz and Alan -- Levenson -- III GERMAN JEWS IN THE AGE OF EMANCIPATION -- SHMUEL FEINER: Mendelssohn and "Mendelssohn's Disciples" A Re-examination -- DAVID SORKIN: Religious Reforms and Secular Trends in German-Jewish Life An Agenda for Research -- DAGMAR HERZOG: The Rise of the Religious Right and the Recasting of the "Jewish Question" Baden in the 1840s -- IV RESPONSES TO PERSECUTION IN THE 1930s TWO NEW PERSPECTIVES -- EDITH RAIM: The Persecution of the Heine Family in Germany, 1933-1939 -- ANDREW CHANDLER: Lambeth Palace, the Church of England and the Jews of Germany and Austria in 1938 / (u.a.) ISBN 0436202573