circa 13 x 8,6 cm., 160 pp., 1 f., with 8 engravings by Félicien Rops, on China, mounted on plates. Blue half-Morocco (around 1900) Exteens 463; Vicaire V, 1019. One of only 64 copies printed in the private series "Documents pour servir à l?histoire de nos moeurs" with the charming small engravings by Rops. The work by Monnier first came out around 1860 and was immediately forbidden. "La destruction de cet écrit a été ordonnée par jugement du Tribunal correctionnel de la Seine, du 12 mai 1865, pour outrages à la morale publique." (Gay-L. I, 358-59). Here the "Edition minuscule tirée à 64 exemplaires". - Apparently the illustrations by Rops were all printed on one sheet and then cut and mounted on 8 plates.


- Fine, very little spotting, a little rubbed, but decorative. - One of the rarest works by Rops!.