S. 43-47. Mit Abb. Broschiert.


Aus der Arbeitsbibliothek von Prof. Dr. Peter Reichel. Mit Widmung des Autors. Einband leicht berieben. - Vom Autor handschriftlich korrigiert. - Dastagird was an ancient Sasanian city in present-day Iraq, and was close to their capital, Ctesiphon. Originally known as Artemita, the city was rebuilt and renamed by king Hormizd I (r. 270-271). During the reign of king Khosrau I (r. 531-579), the city greatly expanded and had its own court, palace and fortress. During this period, the city also got a secondary name, Khosrau-shad-Kavadh. During the reign of the latter's grandson, Khosrau II (r. 590-628), Dastagird became a royal residence of the Sasanians. In 628, Dastagird was sacked by the Byzantine emperor Heraclius. After that, the city completely disappears from sources.