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Neu; unbenutzt. - The Capital -- The Portrait -- The Artist -- The History -- The City -- The Citizens -- Reference Bibliography. // From the fifteenth century onwards, and emerging in the twenty-first century as seen through new forms and techniques, Orientalist artists left a very important legacy of historically accurate illustrations of all aspects of the Ottoman life, culture and history. Harmoniously combining in their representations a simplified urban life and an ancient grandeur, they presented a veritable gallery of great personalities and historical visual records, documenting their experiences of extraordinary encounters with the inhabitants of the world of the Ottomans. A great number of artists made their journey into that world through time, and even nowadays we still relish the escapism of travel that allows us to make our own, personal discovery of unknown worlds. Whatever the initial reasons, the steps taken by European artists in the framework of cultural exchange, mutual understanding of values, enhancement of knowledge, pursuing the goal of discovering the world of the Ottomans, are significant indeed. The magnificent artworks included in the exhibition offer to the judgement of viewers the history of these journeys, a discovery and a vision of the world of the Ottomans. A Journey into the World of the Ottomans is an example of a journey by itself. From a book, dedicated to Orientalism and the art of Jean-Baptiste Vanmour, to the exhibition, where his art occupies a prominent place, to a catalogue, exploring the quintessence of the exhibition and the very essence of the artworks. Then it reached a point when it opened a new page for the Orientalist Museum in Doha, pro-viding a rare opportunity to explore the visions and impressions of Orientalist artists and trace the development of this art movement, vividly illustrated through the museum's own collections along with a major loan from the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, accompanied by the works of contemporary artists Vanessa Hodgkinson and Bas Princen. The exhibition traces the links between these two worlds in different media and time and explores the evolution of taste and expectations from the Orientalist art. Examining how these ingredients migrated and melded, we enjoy the result as seen by the majestically talented designers' team of Herzog & de Meuron, who have created a unique example of Orientalist exhibition design, which is a discovery in its own right. (Vorwort) ISBN 9788857207667