8°; 10 +1 double pages with colour woodblocks (unpaginated) = 12 doublefolded leaves;


The song (music and verse) is written by Lieutenant F[rank]. M. Bostwick, U.S.Army, and sung to the air of "Ballyhooly", Artist unknown. Contains a music score, additional lyrics and fine illustrations. The story of the song is about Kohana San (= "Little Flower"), a geisha girl in Sanomiya (=Kobe). Published in Coedition with Kelly & Walsh, Ltd., Yokohama. Sharf 32-3. The last double page is a "List of Books" published by T. Hasegawa.


Rückengewebe brüchig und mit kleinen Fehlstellen, Papier knickspurig, leicht gebrauchsspurig