65 S. Originalbroschur.


Einband leicht berieben. Ecke bestossen, sonst gut. - The notion of the negative and the positive is closely related to the plaster which Didier Vermeiren uses an important working instrument in his oeuvre. Plaster is equivalent to a 'cast', as a superior reproduction, because it virtually creeps into the skin of the original. Remarkably enough, contact is maintained, even with a concept such as unicity. The approximation to reality is as close as that . This feeling is further reinforced by the vulnerability of the material. Here the play of light provides the evidence of that proximity. Plaster and light are direct extensions of each other, or rather they are the best of friends. They go hand in hand into the most subtle nuances of texture and move in unison into the sharpest conceivable lines. In short, they increase the readability. Long live photography.