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Gutes Ex.; leichte Gebrauchsspuren und Anstreichungen im Text. - Home University Library of Modern Knowledge. - THE STUDY OF SEX -- THE EVOLUTION OF SEX -- SEX-CHARACTERS ILLUSTRATED -- THEORY OF SEX DIMORPHISM -- WHAT DETERMINES SEX? -- THE CYCLE OF SEX -- CORRUPTIO OPTIMI PESSIMA -- PROS AND CONS OF SEX-EDUCATION -- THE ETHICS OF SEX -- SEX AND SOCIETY -- BIBLIOGRAPHY. // Register: 4 x Sigmund Freud. - LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS : Male and female Bird of Paradise (after O. Hertwig). / Male and female spider {after Vinson) The Bell-animalcule-Vorticella. Ac. Volvox colonies: Asexual, female and male (after Klein). / Ovum and spermatozoon (after E. B. Wilson) Fertilisation in Adder's Tongue Fern (Ophio-glossum (after Bruchmann). / Diagram of a flower (after Sachs) / Freshwater Hydra. / Fertilisation of eggs of Starfish (after Fol). Male and female of Crested Newt (from specimens) Male and female Bonellia (after Lacaee-Dwthiers) Male Sea-horse-Hippocampus (from a specimen). Maleand female Hercules heetles(from specimens) Male and female fish, Phallostethus (after G. / Tate Regan). / Forms of abdomen in female, male, and parasitised male crab (after Geoffrey Smith). Male crab, Inachus, parasitised by Saeculina (after Geoffrey Smith). / Female Paper Nautilus, Argonauta argo (from a specimen). / Male Argonauta argo (after Müller). / Male spiders, posing and dancing (after Prof. and Mrs. Peckham). / Female spider carrying her cocoon (after Blackwall).