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Gebraucht, aber gut erhalten. - 4 Bände. - Kompletter Jahrgang. - CONTENTS OF VOLUME 23, 1975 - Scientific Papers - BLACKER, K H - Tracing a Memory - BLANK, H ROBERT - Reflections on the Special Senses in Relation to the Development of Affect with Special Emphasis on Blindness - FLEMING, JOAN - Some Observations on Object Constancy in the Psychoanalysis of Adults - FRIEDMAN, STANLEY - On Vegetarianism - GEDIMAN, HELEN K - Reflections on Romanticism, Narcissism, and Creativity - GEDO, JOHN E - Forms of Idealization in the Analytic Transference - GREENACRE, PHYLLIS - Discussion of Dr Pacella's Paper "Early Ego Development and the Deja Vu" - GREENACRE, PHYLLIS - On Reconstruction , - GREENSPAN, STANLEY I and CULLANDER, CECIL C H - A Systematic Metapsychological Assessment of the Course of an Analysis - HARTOCOLLIS, PETER - Time and Affect in Psychopathology - HUXSTER, HOWARD, LOWER, RICHARD and ESCOLL, PHILIP - Some Pitfalls in the Assessment of Analyzability in a Psychoanalytic Clinic - ISAY, RICHARD A - The Influence of the Primal Scene on the Sexual Behavior of an Early Adolescent - JOSEPH, EDWARD D - Psychoanalysis - Science and Research: Twin Studies as a Paradigm - KELMAN, HARVEY - Metapsychological Analysis of a Para-praxis - LICHTENBERG, JOSEPH D - The Development of the Sense of Self - LOEWALD, HANS W - Psychoanalysis as an Art and the Fantasy Character of the Psychoanalytic Situation - MAHLER, MARGARET S - Discussion of Bernard L Pacella's Paper "Early Ego Development and the Deja Vu" - MAHLER, MARGARET S - On the Current Status of the Infantile Neurosis - MCLAUGHLIN, JAMES T - The Sleepy Analyst: Some Observations on States of Consciousness in the Analyst at Work - MCDEVITT, JOHN B - Separation-Individuation and Object Constancy - OREMLAND, JEROME D, BLACKER, K H and NORMAN, HASKELL F - Incompleteness in "Successful" Psychoanalyses: A Follow-up Study - PACELLA, BERNARD L - Early Ego Development and the Deja Vu - POLLOCK, GEORGE H - On Mourning, Immortality, and Utopia - ROSNER, HENRY - Clinical and Prognostic Considerations in the Analysis of a Five-Year-Old Hysteric - Ross, JOHN MUNDER - The Development of Paternal Identity: A Critical Review of the Literature on Nurturance and Generativity in Boys and Men - SARAVAY, STEPHEN M - Group Psychology and the Structural Theory: A Revised Psychoanalytic Model of Group Psychology - SCHIMEK, J G - The Interpretations of the Past: Childhood Trauma, Psychical Reality, and Historical Truth - SCHLESSINGER, NATHAN and ROBBINS, FRED P - The Psychoanalytic Process: Recurrent Patterns of Conflict ana Changes in Ego Functions - Scientific Proceedings - PANEL REPORTS - National Conference on Psychoanalytic Education and Research, reported by Robert N Emde - "A Critical Assessment of the Future of Psychoanalysis: A View from the Outside," reported by Ira Miller - WORKSHOP REPORTS - A Critical Assessment of the Future of Psychoanalysis: A View from Within, reported by Ira Miller - Parenthood as a Developmental Phase, reported by Henri Parens - Termination: Problems and Techniques, reported by William S Robbins - Psychoanalysis in Community Psychiatry: Reflections ori Some Theoretical Implications, reported by Ralph W Wadeson,Jr - Book Section - ISIDOR BERNSTEIN - On the Technique of Child and Adolescent Analysis ' - GEORGE H KLUMPNER - A Review, Comparison, and Evaluation of Psychoanalytic Indexes - Book Reviews - BookNotices - Books Received : - Bulletin of the American Psychoanalytic Association - FALL MEETING - December 11-15, 1974 - Business Meeting of Members - ANNUAL MEETING - April 30-May 4, 1975 Business Meeting of Members.