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Einband leicht berieben. - MARK LEWIS. What Is To Be Done? -- ANDREW WILSON. -- DANIEL DEWAELE. Experiences With Art And Society. 1977-1990. -- LAWRENCE WEINER. -- RIA PACQUEE. Madam At The Second Hand -- Market On A Sunday Afternoon -- ANDREAS SELTZER. Bilderdienst. -- DENNIS ADAMS. The Proscenium. -- MARC SCHEPERS. Themes That Occupied....... -- STEPHEN BANN & Notes From The Social History -- BOB CHAPLIN. Of Seeing. -- MARTHA ROSLER. The Rewards Of Money: Brunch A La Loft. -- STEPHEN WILLATS. White Towers. -- IVAN DUSANEK. Private Paths. -- MICHAEL GIBBS. -- CHRISTIAN PHILLIP MtJLLER. -- ENDRE TOT. Total Joys By TOt. -- ERNEST EDMONDS. Video Construct Communication Systems. -- SIMON CUTTS & COLIN SACKETT.Allotment. -- ART CREATING SOCIETY Symposium at the MOMA . Oxford. June lst-3rd 1990.